FIX CompatTelRunner.exe High Disk Usage in Windows 10.

The “CompatTelRunner.exe” process in Windows 10, is a legitimate Microsoft process which belongs to “Connected User Experiences and Telemetry” service. The “Connected User Experiences and Telemetry” service (CompatTelRunner.exe), is a Microsoft process, that constantly tracks and send to Microsoft servers, information about the device and how Windows and related software are performing, in order to provide to you with an up-to-date, more secure and reliable product. For that reason, the “CompatTelRunner.exe” is always running on the background and scanning your disk for the installed applications and causes High Disk usage problems.

At my opinion, the “Connected User Experiences and Telemetry” service is an unneeded service for Windows 10 to work properly and there is no reason to run because it acts as a “spying” service. According to Microsoft, the Windows Telemetry service, collects and send to Microsoft Servers the following data:

  • Type of hardware being used
  • Applications installed and usage details
  • Reliability information on device drivers

This tutorial contains instructions on how to disable the ‘Connected User Experiences and Telemetry’ service on Windows 10, in order to fix the “CompatTelRunner.exe – High Disk & CPU Usage” problem.

How to FIX:CompatTelRunner.exe. High Disk or CPU Usage.

1. Open Windows Services control panel: To do that:

  • Press Windows image_thumb8_thumb + R keys to open the run command box.
  • In the Search box, type: services.msc  & click OK.
  • (Accept the UAC warning if appears).



2. In Services control panel, right click at Connected User Experiences and Telemetry service and select Properties.

CompatTelRunner.exe High Disk Usage


3. Change the Startup type to Disabled and click OK.

disable telemetry windows 10


4. Restart your computer.

That’s all folks! Did it work for you?
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